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  • Difference between food intolerance and food allergy?
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  • Difference between food intolerance and food allergy?

    Food Allergy
    Food allergy symptoms differ very much from food intolerance whereby it involves the immune system and has a reaction with foods or a specific type of food. Symptoms can include swelling of the face, lips, skin reaction or stomach problems and breathing problems can occur and can be very mild or very severe. Some symptoms can occur instantly and sometimes within a couple of hours.
    Food allergy is quite rare and only 2% of the adult population have it, 8% of children are said to have food allergies too. (Allergy UK)
    The food allergies that some people have and that are quite common are peanuts and various other nuts, milk, eggs, fish or any type of shellfish.
    Download a food diary here.

    Food Sensitivity
    Food sensitivity is said to be more common than food allergies, symptoms usually come very slowly and in many cases can be delayed by many hours, after eating the food that has caused the problem. But it can be very difficult to know what food you have eaten, that is causing you feeling under the weather. Sensitivity to several or more foods is becoming increasingly common too.
    Some people can only tolerate a certain amount of the food that is causing the problem, as their body can't seem to tolerate it.
    Symptoms can include tiredness, fatigue, joint pain, irritation in the gut, diarrhoea, gas, bloating, IBS, some skin problems, such as a rash or eczema and some other chronic conditions.
    Most foods require enzyme activity in their digestion, enzyme deficiency has been said to be a very important factor in food sensitivity.
    If you think you suffer from a food sensitivity, we would suggest keeping a diary of the foods eaten within a given period, so we can identify the offending food or foods that are causing your ill health The ASYRA deals with food sensitivities not food allergies
    Download a food diary here.

    What is energy screening?
    Bio-energetic screening - is an electro-magnetic / bio-feedback system which is painless and provides results instantly.

    The Asyra HEALTH Screening
    Save your sick days and ensure you're the picture of health with an Asyra health screening.
    We at Splendid Health use the Asyra. Asyra helps to evaluate unique aspects of your health with information gathered from small energetic changes picked up using bioresonance. Using these responses, I will be able to build up your health frame. The Asyra runs a standard energetic assessment of 40 major organ systems which is called the baseline test to see what will help restore balance and helps us to determine the appropriate set of treatments or remedies and look to restore a good balance and offer a truly personalized and effective treatment plan.
    Asyra screening and treatment will help to allow the body to heal and maintain health naturally. This approach enhances the ability for the treatment to provide the support that each individual person needs.
    The Asyra system is an FDA-approved electro dermal testing device that has a broad scope of testing abilities. A University demonstrated a 97% correlation between the Asyra's results and blood test results. (University of Utah)

    Step by step ASYRA consultation process with me
    To help achieve the best health, I assess which aspects of your current health are weakened or in an unbalanced state, then I establish which treatments are needed for you to restore your health. As a health practitioner, I deliver gentle solutions that target health issues at their roots, not just dealing with the symptoms.
    So, the first consultation will take in the region of an hour, as you need to fill in a detailed questionnaire, for me, (which may take a bit of time)so I can assess your health, your lifestyle, your diet and any previous medical problems/history and really just to see how your health is doing at this current time.
    Then you will have the Asyra baseline health check and a food sensitivity test to assess your health state. A nutritional screening provides an invaluable indicator of your vitamin and mineral requirements and highlights any food sensitivities that you may have.
    This provides a basis for appropriate nutritional recommendations and possible revised eating plans/habits. You may need Bach flower remedies, which are herbs to support imbalanced organs or even homeopathic remedies, products that allow the body to heal itself or even nutritional supplements (NOT INCLUDED IN THE CONSULTATION PRICE) and some practical tips to achieve balance in your life.
    You will then hold the non-invasive brass probes in each hand and the Asyra will run the test, once this has been done, the Asyra indicates the root cause of the imbalance. The results will be on the screen I will discuss the results with you. Following this, you will be sent the results and any other recommendations via email, if you so wish.
    As with all treatments at Splendid Health, the choice of what to do and for how long is entirely and always up to you. Typically, patients need to be re-tested a few times over a two to six month period to balance and stabilize their health. During this process we focus on the core deficiencies that need support with specific supplements and diet change, then phase in long term support with a multivitamin/mineral and other needed supplements.

    Post-screening treatments
    As I treat in a holistic way by looking after the whole body and mind complex. Where appropriate, I may refer you to other specialists that help to get you back into balance. (NOT INCLUDED IN THE CONSULATION PRICE)

    Understanding your Asyra evaluation report

    If an item shows up as unbalanced:
    A RED indicates that there is something that is causing stress to the body, not unlike an inflammatory process. Often considered an acute or recent issue.
    A YELLOW indicates there is something causing a weakness, similar to a degenerative process. Often considered to be more chronic issues.
    In the food sensitivity test YELLOW is considered worse than RED.
    A GREEN indicates a balancing item- This is both the item that the client resonated with and the item that can be given back to them to rebalance the issue.